Pat Riccio Jr. is a genuine Canadian music industry hero. Son of Pat Riccio Sr., one of Canada’s pioneers in jazz music, young Pat grew up in the presence of a great music composer and band leader. From the age of 17, Pat has been working as a professional musician and music producer. He has toured the world, produced hit albums, and has been musical director on several major TV specials.

Pat has worked with world-class symphony orchestras such as the Dallas-Fortworth Symphony, The London Symphony, the Edmonton Symphony and the Toronto Symphony.  He has performed on countless TV shows with Anne Murray, including BBC Television, ABC Television in Australia, NHK in Japan, the Mike Douglas show, the Merv Griffin show, the Dinah Shore show, Saturday Night Live, and the Tonight Show.  Pat was Anne Murray’s Musical Director in many world famous venues including Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, The Sydney Opera House, the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Pat has had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented musicians, actors and comedians such as Anne Murray, Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Dolly Parton, Dionne Warwick, Barbara Mandrell, Catherine MacKinnon, Lenny Breau, Kris Kristofferson, Brian Ahearn, Skip Beckwith, Doug Riley, Domenic Troiano, Paul Schaffer, and Prakash John to name a few.

Currently, Pat is a dedicated music teacher with a passion for the success of his students of all ages.

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